About Us


Our Story started over 30 years ago…..

Each morning, one of Mrs Mo & Co’s little children ‘R’ would sneak into her mother’s bedroom, sit at her dresser and slowly open the drawer with sweet anticipation. Her fascination with each piece excited her every time, and each piece had a story. ‘R’ imagined crafting her own creations and adorning every inch of herself in gemstones and jewels. Most esteemed in her eyes was the lustre of yellow gold, fire and brilliance of white diamonds and the personal sentiment of natural emeralds. She’d take her Mother’s pieces and draw them, transfer the visions of changes from her head to paper until it was a paragon in her eyes. Her Father’s international travels saw ‘R’s Mother gain an array of treasures and showpieces. Each continent displayed a vogue of their own changing constantly over time and each piece to ‘R’ inspired new ideas and designs that formed part of her drawing portfolio.


Fast forward some years and after many additions to her personal jewellery collection, ‘R’ embarked on a journey into the jewellery industry. A role assisting in managing a store and a meeting of fate with now a very close friend opened up a whole new world which would eventually lead to ‘R’ following her true passion opening up the doors of Mrs Mo & Co.

Mrs Mo & Co is a family business established in 2016. We are suppliers and Artisans of timeless, quality jewellery. We select pieces that we believe will be treasured by you and your loved ones for years to come. We don’t always follow trends, we follow tradition and add a dash of panache - that's what keeps our collections timeless yet unique. The ‘Co’ of Mrs Mo & Co consists of a highly qualified and skilled team of a Gemologist, Jewellers and Designers. We work closely with them to bring you our exclusive Handmade Collection. They too are a longstanding family jewellery business who specialise in one off handmade designed pieces with incredible uniqueness and superior workmanship.

Along with our exclusive handmade collection, we also source and personally choose pieces from esteemed Australian Suppliers to bring you what we feel is a timeless, quality selection of pieces that you too will treasure.